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Maciek Martyniuk, also known as Yomagick, is a freelance designer and artist originally from Poland. He studied his degree in Dublin, Ireland and Stuttgart, Germany and lived in 7 countries for over 1 year.

In recent years, Yomagick has established a recognizable style through his project Dreamlands, which explores surreal yet inviting dreamscapes. His unique blend of fantasy and inspiration from various sources, including travel and nature, infuses his art with vibrancy and imagination.



Apple, Acer, Adobe, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vodafone, Volkswagen
Google, Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Samsung, Toshiba, T-Mobile


Wallpaper Magazine*, Creative Review, Computer Arts, Architecture Digest, The Irish Times, Adobe Photoshop, Cosmopolitan, Hypebae, Domestika


Maciek (pronounce 'Magic) Martyniuk