Yomagick collaboration with Acer on a global campaign to promote the launch of ConceptD.

2019 project 'Dreamlands', transport viewers into a surreal yet inviting dreamscape, a theme he continues in 'Day Off,' his passion project for ConceptD. Yomagick creates captivating digital art that invites viewers to see the world from a fresh and imaginative perspective.

Inspired by his fascination with the spaces that people gravitate towards to unwind, Yomagick created 'Day Off.' After observing how people relax in their day-to-day lives, Yomagick takes these insights and exaggerates them in his digital art. Utilizing 3D tools to create animation and hypnotic repetition, he renders these spaces into soft, dreamlike, and surreal environments. The final result is an idealized space in which one can escape and decompress.

Self Directed video showcasing Yomagick at work. 60 sec.