Fantasy furniture. Further explorations of dreamlands series.


Landscape Chair Beta, 2020


Landscape Chair Beta, 2020

The pandemic disrupted my daily routine, forcing me to stay at home. But in that confinement, I found inspiration for a new idea: "Bringing the Outside In." This piece reflects on that concept by taking a stunning mountain view and reimagining it as an interior landscape.

The work I created resonated with many designers worldwide, and it has sparked a trend of combining natural elements and grass landscapes with interior designs. I am thrilled to have played a role in inspiring this trend, and I look forward to exploring further how nature can be integrated into our living spaces.


This piece is a reflection of the surreal atmosphere that characterized the pandemic in 2020.


Paris, by Le Corbusier 1931


We are currently experiencing a troubling time in the history of visual culture, where many in the creative industry fail to appreciate the ideas behind their work, and innovators are often imitated rather than rightfully recognized. It's surprising that this issue is not more widely discussed in the creative community.

Although I, too, draw inspiration from other artists, I make a point to conduct extensive research to deepen my understanding. In this particular piece, I explored the early works of Corbusier, who created a tranquil piece during the tumultuous era of the Great Depression in 1931. I drew inspiration from his use of chairs and room layout, as well as the placement of a cloud in one of his sketches, and reimagined it using 3D software for a contemporary interpretation.


BoatBath, 2020


SofaBoat, 2020


Crush & Crash, 2021


Treehouse, 2020