Fantasy furniture. Further explorations of dreamlands series.


Landscape Chair Beta, 2020


Landscape Chair Beta, 2020

During the pandemic, my daily routine was interrupted by having to stay at home. I came up with the idea of "Taking outside inside". This piece reflects on that idea by taking a mountain view and transforming it into the landscape inside the room. These pieces of my work inspired many designers around the world to start combining nature and grass landscapes with interior designes. 


Another piece reflecting on the surrealism atmosphere during the pandemy, 2020


Paris, by Le Corbusier 1931


I think we are living in a very unhealthy time in the visual culture history where most of the creative industry doesn't understand the thought behind work and the innovators are not fairly rewarded but rather endlessly imitated. I am always very intrigued about how come this is not a big conversation in the creative industry.

It's worth it to mention that I myself get inspired as well, but most of the time deep research. This particular piece comes from my research of the early works of Corbusier. He created this relaxing work, during the time of the big crisis; The Great Depression in 1931.

You can see the references to the chairs and the layout of the room and the centrally placed cloud in one of his sketches. I created this contemporary interpretation by using 3d software.


BoatBath, 2020


SofaBoat, 2020


Crush & Crash, 2021


Treehouse, 2020